Semi-Abstract figurative work, romantic couples, positive energy, vibrant colours, flowing composition.


Abstract expressionist paintings with strong lines, composition and colour, dynamic movement and emotion.


Stylized and abstracted West Coast landscapes, from lands travelled and lands imagined.


Bold and stylized Floral work with colourful, organic, shapes and vibrant colours.


Sculpture, Art Installations and Public Art are one of my favourite ways to express my visions.
Welcome to my site! I am a professional Artist from Vancouver BC, Canada. I paint contemporary work on canvas, birch panels and a unique reverse method of painting on glass. I create Sculptures and Public Art in a wide variety of materials. Abstract Figures, stylized West Coast Landscapes and Abstracts are all created in my bold, colourful, signature style. I have shown Nationally and Internationally with representation in Canada and the US.
“Jeanette Jarville’s work shows us a pictorial world in which the figure and abstraction meld through the expressive power of colour. She has created her own language which goes beyond stylistic constraints and captures her intense spirit and boldness. Her paintings point out the versatility of an artist who moves from abstraction to representational, landscapes to figures without compromising her identity. Jeanette has developed a distinctive way of painting and use of color that she explores within her own unique style.” – Irene Dowel